Sony Ericsson Nozomi/Arc HD/LT26i Pictured

By Gary Cutlack on at

An unannounced Android phone from Sony Ericsson was leaked over the weekend, calling itself the LT26i -- which is the technical name for the phone previously known on the leak scene as "Nozomi" and, more recently, the Xperia Arc HD.

Whatever it ends up being called, the phone will be described in the same way -- BIG. It comes with what appears to be a 4.3" screen in a slim, angular case, with the leaker uploading benchmarks suggesting it runs at the standard 720p HD resolution of 1280x720, which would put it up there alongside the Galaxy Nexus as one of the first proper HD mobile displays.

And if you believe the above, the source also says this HD slab contains a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, a 12megapixel sensor hitherto unseen in UK mobile phones, 1GB of RAM and, at this moment in time, Android 2.3.5. Hopefully that'll be bumped up to Android 4.0 by the time Sony Ericsson, or maybe just Sony by then, releases the thing. [Recombu]