South Korea Rolls-Out Robotic Prison Guards

By Sam Gibbs on at

Boffins from the Asian Forum for Corrections have partnered with South Korea's Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Justice Ministry to put robots on patrol. The 1.5-metre tall robots will take the night shift keeping prisoners in-check.

The robots will be able to detect changes in human behaviour that might lead to suicide or violence, while wardens will be able to communicate with the incarcerated via a remote conversation function. The robots are almost ready for prime time; they're currently working on making them appear friendlier to inmates. Of course you could go the other way and equip them with gatling guns, laser targeting and an imposing voice barring out 'you have 5 seconds to comply', but that might be a bit cliché.

The robots will take the strain off the human prison wardens letting them get on with the rehabilitation and correction of prisoners. Three robots will roll into Pohang prison next March for a trial period. All the pieces seem to be falling into place nicely for the inevitable robot uprising -- no where will be safe, not even South Korean prisons. [The Telegraph]

Image credit: Korea Herald, Wikia