Spotify for Windows Phone 7 Hits Today (And Is Gorgeous)

By Sam Biddle on at

Windows Phone is no longer the lonely nerd in the streaming music cafeteria—Spotify has arrived, and it looks beautiful.

Spotify for Mango will hit every device across every network "sometime today," and they apologise for the delay—they just wanted to make it look deliciously Metro. And it does. The app looks as seamlessly a part of the device as anything else, and particularly pops on a nice fat screen like the Titan's. It was responsive, easy on the eyes, and, frankly, much more enjoyable to navigate than the iOS and Android variants. It's great to see attention to design paid in this manner, but we hope the WinPho aesthetic doesn't become a ball and chain on devs. I don't want to have to wait this long for every important app to drop (Instagram...). [Spotify]