Spotify for Windows Phone: This Is How Every Windows Phone App Should Look

By Casey Chan on at

It took a million zillion years, but Spotify is finally on Windows Phone. Our favourite streaming service is looking mighty pretty in its new Metro duds—almost enough to forgive it for being so late to the party.


What's it do?

Spotify lets you stream music from its massive library of available songs and albums, and create and share playlists with friends via Facebook integration. One of the reasons that Spotify says the app took so long to make it into the Marketplace is that they were working on getting it looking and feeling perfect—like an extension of Windows Phone's Metro UI instead of just another third party app. They nailed it. The People interface, powered by Facebook, is especially slick: It takes you to your friend's profile, where you're shown a list of top artists, tracks, and published playlists, all in the visual style of Metro.


Why do we like it?

Rdio and Zune do a lot of what Spotify does, though without the Facebook contacts, but Spotify does it prettier, and with a larger catalog. Syncing or downloading music to your handset, for instance, is simplified, with a Yes/No switch instead of long presses and icons. The whole experience just feels easier to navigate, and very, very smooth, even on older, 1GHz phones.

Spotify for Windows Phone is a free download, but requires a Premium subscription to Spotify