Spotify Live Copies iTunes Festival With Free London Gigs

By Sam Gibbs on at

Spotify's bringing it's free iTunes Festival clone to London, after a summer outing in New York. It all kicks off this Friday 11th November with a gig in the Lexington in North London, featuring Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Marques Toliver.

Entry is free to all, although it's on a first come, first served basis. Spotify, The Guardian and are also giving away guaranteed-entry guest list tickets. It's the first of a four-night set, which will also feature a 'special guest DJ' to entertain between artists. The iTunes Festival is awesome with a bunch of big name acts and little known newbies intermixed, and it's great to get some more free gigs in London for music lovers. But it'd be nice to go see someone I've actually heard of from Spotify. Then again, maybe I'm just out of touch with the cool-kids these days.

If you're keen on going, there are three ways to win guest list tickets: head on over to Guardian Music, hit up RockFeedBack, or if you're a Spotify Premium member over 18 years old, email for your chance to win.