Spotify to Open Up Platform to Developers and Offer Apps?

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've got just a couple of hours to wait to really find out what Spotify has up its sleeve, but according the Wall Street Journal, Spotify is set to offer an app platform similar to the way Facebook currently does.

Backing up what was rumoured yesterday, Spotify will apparently operate an app store akin to Apple's walled garden; but all apps will be free and available to both paid subscribers and users of the ad-supported service. The apps will be limited to Spotify's desktop program from the off, but pseudo-integration via playlists will be available on the mobile apps.

SomeĀ initialĀ apps in the "app finder" will include apps to grab lyrics for songs playing now, a review and blog finder, which'll pull in reviews for albums as you listen, as well as a concert finder and ticket purchasing system.

Apps on Spofity seems a rather unusual proposition considering Spotify is an app in and of itself. But it's likely that most apps will come from brands, bands or company partnerships, at least in the short term -- a Justin Bieber app perhaps. Anyway, we'll know for sure this afternoon. [Wall Street Journal]

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