Star Wars Fans Insulted Again -- Darth Vader Stars in New PC World Advert

By Gary Cutlack on at

There will be another Star Wars themed advert beaming out of your TV every few minutes soon, thanks to Dixons doing a deal with Mr Vader to promote the benefits of giving Currys and PC World your money.

The ad, which is the big-budget sequel to last year's blockbuster in which R2D2 and C3PO looked at some televisions in amazement, sees the evil lord carrying out a sort of human resources role, checking that the PC World and Dixons staff meet his "high standards".

Here's an amazing couple of sentences from the announcement that could quite possibly "cure" lifelong Star Wars fans of their addiction:

"Starring the formidable Darth Vader, the campaign highlights the outstanding in-store customer service experience that Currys and PC World has been working hard to deliver."

"Recreating the infamous scene in Return of the Jedi, where Vader inspects the progress of the Death Star, the ad sees Lord Vader arrive at a Currys and PC World store to assess and approve all 14,000 of Currys and PC World store colleagues, to see if they can meet his high standards."

The new ads will start on Saturday November 5th. During X-Factor. It's the mother of all sell outs. [Dixons]