Sting's iPad App Cost 'In the Low Seven-Figures' to Develop

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ouch. Sting's free iPad app celebrating 25 years of squawking apparently cost in the millions of dollars to make. The app combines music, concert footage, photographs and video, with a recording of Sting's October performance in the New York Beacon Theatre.

We thought Whale Trail, which weighed in at £150,000 to develop, was expensive for a game, let alone over £640,000 for a music app. Someone on Sting's side has been shrewd though, as the majority of the 'more than $1m' was paid for through sponsorship from Chevrolet and American Express. If you want to see what that kind of money buys you in the app space, you can check out the free iPad app right now. I can think of a hell of a lot better uses for over a million, and an app playing music and video isn't one of them. [WSJ via The Appside]