Surprise! Newzbin Users Not Stopped by BT's Filtering Attempts

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT's efforts to stop users accessing the Newzbin usenet archive doesn't appear to be working, thanks to a combination of Newzbin's own bypassing app and the general technical awareness of those who enjoy the internet's last great untamed wilderness.

BT was recently ordered to adapt its Cleanfeed child porn filtering software to also block traffic to Newzbin due to piracy concerns, with the block apparently going into place on November 2nd. However, we can still access it here, today, without resorting to using Newzbin's traffic-routing tool.

Also, Newzbin itself claims that 93.5 per cent of its active UK users have downloaded the app in preparation for the block, which, if it ever does start working, should ensure they can still queue up stacks of NZB downloads without worry.

It's always been doomed to failure anyway. Accessing usenet is one of the more hardcore internet activities, requiring quite a bit more technical knowledge than staring at Facebook all day. The notion that Newzbin users would simply shrug and give up at the first sign of trouble is ridiculous. [Torrentfreak via BBC]