The Best Books Have Booze Hidden In Them

By Jamie Condliffe on at

If you're planning to try and shy away from your family by reading a book this weekend, I have a great suggestion for you: choose one which contains a bottle of scotch.

The guys over at Bender Bound have created the best books ever. Just like those books from the movies that have a hole cut through the pages to store away secrets, Bender Bounder's weighty tomes contain a a hollow space.

The difference is, though, that void is just the right size for... booze! Glorious liquor.

There's one for everyone: medics can choose a copy of Gray's Anatomy with a glug of gin, (American) lawyers might like the Federal Supplement filled with fino, or if you're really desperate, how about a plain old dictionary containing a bottle of Jack Daniel's?

They're available for pre-order now. What are you waiting for? [Bender Bound via Lowering The Bar via Boing Boing]