The Biggest Android Tablet in the World

By Sam Biddle on at

Seven inches or ten inches? Geek rage over which form factor fits best will never end, unless the entire debate is crushed under the weight of this 65-inch Android behemoth. Now you can watch screen lag in 1080p!

The monster tablet was cooked up by some clever Turkish engineers using a commonplace Honeycomb tablet and an off the shelf HDTV. The mega-tablet sorcery comes from sensors added to the TV, which allow for touch gestures as if it were really an enormous capacitive display—and from the demo, it looks like it pretty much is. The team plans to add more sensors for greater multitouch sensitivity, but even in its current form, it's a pretty awesome setup. I think I'd prefer a giant Android tab over anything else—imagine Google Earth! Although this can't be good for eyestrain. Or your electricity bill. [Engadget]