The Five Funniest Siri Videos

By Casey Chan on at

The iPhone 4S was released a few weeks ago and its hallmark feature, Siri, has been poked, prodded, played with and patronised by everyone. Hell, even us. We made Siri talk to herself. We even talked dirty to her. And you know what, everybody has a Siri story! But which are the best?

I still don't know if Siri is actually useful or if it's just an hilariously awesome feature. After watching these five videos though, it seems like most people are trying to pimp Siri and make the next YouTube sensation. Here are the five funniest Siri videos (or videos about Siri) we've found:


Will You Marry Me Siri?: Oh just a bunch of bros drinking bro beer making bro jokes at Siri... until it gets serious. When asked if she would marry one of the bros, Siri pours out her robot love to hilarious results.


How To Make Siri Say Something Funny: The answer to the question how to make Siri say something funny is the same thing you'd do to any unfunny person. Get 'em stoned and listen to them wax poetic. Everything makes so much sense.


Siri vs Furby: Oh Furby! How I missed you! Not really. It's still unimaginable how this owl fur ball became the must have toy of Christmas one year. What does it do!? Can Siri understand it? Well, let's find out.


Siri on Conan: Conan hit the nail on the head with this. As useful as Siri can be, we're just all going to talk jibberish to it. Siri must think we're idiots.



Siri Explained: Are you ready? If Siri really does get smarter, she'll start to control us and tell us what to do. Like wear a different dress or run faster or even MURDER.