The Google Street View Car Is a Repressed Artist

By Brent Rose on at

The Google Street View car works hard, taking pictures for maps all day. Who knew that it longs for something deeper, truer, more meaningful? While we rarely notice, it captures beauty everywhere it goes. It's simply a misunderstood artist.

A talented Pittsburgh-born photographer by the name of Aaron Hobson has taken the time to comb through many of Google Street View's images, and while I can't image how much chaff he sifts through before he gets to the wheat, there are some stunning images in there. Suddenly you can picture the GSV car as a lonely traveler. A workaholic. Who every once in a while eschews the mundane functionality of its photos, and opts instead to inspire through something beautiful. I only hope that the car doesn't get depressed and cut off its left front tire.

It seems that the server that's hosting Hobson's site is struggling under his sudden internet fame, so I've taken the liberty of posting a few of them here. That said, you should click over to Aaron's site to see not only the rest of the GSV photos, but also Aaron's other, beautiful work. [Aaron Hobson via The Next Web]