The Google Music Store Announced With Free Streaming, But the UK Misses Out

By Sam Biddle on at

Google's digital music warehouse is here, and it's a lot more than just a store. Open today, Google Music will also hold and stream 20,000 tracks in your library. If you live in the US, that is. As expected, Google Music has launched first in the States, with a global roll-out not confirmed as yet.

However, as we like to keep you up to date with big news like this, Google Music works like this:

You can upload your existing music library straight from iTunes or any other folders on your computer, where it'll be available anywhere you can get a net connection. Or, for the first time, you'll be able to download music directly to your phone (Android 2.2 or higher) or computer—as a 320 kbps MP3.

The store will push heavily curated (I hate that term) music suggestions, directly from Google's band of music nerds who apparently have musical taste you'll want to emulate. Sharing also extends far further, into—you guessed it!—Google+. When you buy a track via Google Music, your Plus friends (if you have any) will see it, and be able to stream it for free.

So how about that music lineup? Sony, EMI, and Universal—yup, no Warner, and that's a major shortcoming.