The Happiest Place in the Saddest Place on Earth Is Still Pretty Depressing

By Kyle Wagner on at

Forced human test dummies on rickety old rides? Shooting ranges to blast the imperialist Americans? Roller coaster harnesses that don't really harness anything? Welcome to the last amusement park in all of North Korea.

The Mangyongdae funfair is located about ten miles outside the capital city of Pyongyang. And despite the fact that any manner of fun is tough to come by in North Korea, the park is usually near deserted, populated mainly by the military. Rides aren't kept in very good condition, and local farmers are often forced to come in and test them out before foreign visitors are allowed to board the death traps.

It would all make for a pretty great Onion piece, but unfortunately this is the state of the happiest place in North Korea. Check out the full gallery over at kuriositas. [Kuriositas via The Daily What]

Image Credit: Flickr/BryanH