The Most Popular Password is Still... Password

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nobody listens. If you fancy spending a fun evening reading your friend's email, chances are his password is just "password" -- as that's still the most common password in use in 2011. Even after all the advice.

This chart of shame has been compiled by security software developer SplashData, which analysed a few million passwords contained within stolen data posted online by hackers. Things don't get any better the further you go down the list, either, with the second most popular password being "123456" and the third the slightly harder to randomly guess "12345678."

And in fourth place for the 15th consecutive year is old stalwart "QWERTY" while fifth place goes to "abc123."

The first actual word to feature is in sixth place -- "Monkey." [MacWorld]

Image credit: Angela Waye / Shutterstock