The Orb Booster Is a Modest Amp for Not-So-Modest Sound

By Adrian Covert on at

Orb's new Booster amp is not meant for full-sized home theaters, nor is it meant for surround sound systems. Instead, it's meant to power a small or medium-sized stereo speakers which you might use with your computer, or even your TV.

The Booster can take audio from two RCA and two 3.5mm stereo sources (think iPods, video game systems, DVD players, etc), and spit it out to a pair of speakers, which Orb promises will produce full-range sound. Unfortunately there's no optical in, so you can't directly connect devices such as the Apple TV, and there's no EQ customization options either. But for the price ($164 in the US -- UK price hasn't been announced yet, but that's around £100), it's hard to complain if you just need something simple to power a regular pair of speakers. [Orb via Electronista]