The Ten Tools You Need To Fix All The Broken Stuff in Your Home

By Roberto Baldwin on at

Tools are an essential part of your home. But you don't need a huge tool box or fancy tool belt to take care of small home projects. A small set of quality tools will serve you quite well.

Whether you rent or own your home, you should have a nice set of tools. Just because you rent doesn't mean everything that breaks is your landlord's responsibility. Also, do you really want your building supervisor to know that you lost your lucky nipple ring in the sink? Yeah, I didn't think so.

First let's begin with quality. If your current set of tools were next to the candy bars in the checkout line, there's a good chance they're shit. I've busted more than a few knuckles using crap tools that broke while I was using them. If you're not in the habit of mashing your hand against hard objects, grab yourself some quality tools instead.