The Winner of Our First 3D Printing Challenge Is...

By Kat Hannaford on at

After receiving some weird and wonderful entries to our first-ever 3D Printing Challenge, we've not only selected a winner, we've actually 3D PRINTED THE SHIT out of the winner. Well, we didn't 3D print the creator of the winning model...that'd just be weird (and expensive).

Nick, the guru behind 3DPrintUK (check out his video interview with the BBC from last week here!) helped select the winning model, which was designed by Mark Little. You can see his designs in the gallery up top, along with photos of the finished 3D printed model, otherwise gain some insight into his design process over on his website.

Mark not only wins the 3D printed model (which took 10 hours to clean, let alone the 19 hours and 25 minutes to print), but also the additional bounty, Tokyo Flash's Kisai Seven watch, which should help him keep an eye on the time when fiddling around with CAD software for future designs.

A special nod 'o the head is awarded to Matthew Knight, whose Halo-esque design was actually his first attempt at 3D modelling, proving anyone can download some free CAD software and have a go creating their own 3D renders.

If you missed out winning this time, never fear, as tomorrow we'll announce our next 3D Printing Challenge. Thanks to all of this month's entrants, and to 3DPrintUK and Tokyo Flash for the goodies. Remember, if you like any of the entrants to our 3D Printing Challenge, you can order your very own 3D print by contacting Nick here, with this month's entrants also receiving 20 per cent off their first orders.