These Keychain Multi-Tools Prove That Nothing Is Cooler Than Milled Titanium

By Gizmodo on at

I couldn't tell you why, but CNC-milled titanium seems to invoke the same testosterone pumping response as watching a grizzly bear fight a bald eagle. So whatever the reason is, I get the same feeling from the Prybar and Barbar titanium keychain-tools from Anso Knives.

At first glance I'm not quite sure what to make of these supposed 'multi-tools.' Despite having edges designed for prying and a nonadjustable wrench on the Barbar, neither of them have any dedicated screwdrivers, pliers or even a blade. So they don't appear to be particularly useful as actual tools. But at the same time, they're friggin' beautiful! It's as if someone gave Picasso a CNC machine, a chunk of titanium, and told him to make a keychain. Plus, there's a bottle opener, and let's be honest, that's the only tool you really need. Come to think of it, I know exactly what to make of them... I want them both and I want them now! £47 each plus VAT, from Denmark. Shipping looks to be about £6.50 each. [Anso Knives via Gear Patrol]