This Is Not an X-Ray

By Andrew Liszewski on at

What looks like a collection of retro gear that's passed through the TSA's penetrating scanners is actually a unique photo exhibit created without the use of a single X-ray.

For his most recent photographic exhibition—Proposition One: Only The Ephemeral—Max de Esteban started by painstakingly deconstructing a collection of older electronics like 35mm film cameras, VCRs and record players. The individual pieces were all painted stark white, and while the machines were slowly being reassembled, Esteban photographed them at different stages. He was then left with a collection of cutaway images that he digitally composited in Photoshop to produce these X-ray like photographs that provide a glimpse inside outdated technology. Which, admittedly, are chock full of mechanical components that are far more interesting to look at than the collection of circuit boards that compose our modern gear. [Proposition One via PetaPixel]