Turkish Military Police Rescue Nine Girls Held Hostage in a Fake Big Brother House

By Jamie Condliffe on at

We all have opinions about the people on Big Brother-style TV shows. But spare a thought for nine girls who were duped into taking part in a fake show — then held captive while naked images of them were sold online.

Turkish military police stormed an Istanbul villa to rescue the women this week. They had been held captive for two months after being tricked into thinking that they were to appear on a major Turkish television station.

Instead of making it onto a national Big Brother-style show, though, their captors recorded footage of the girls while they were naked and sold the images across the web. Reports suggests that the women weren't directly abused or harassed sexually. They were, however, told to fight each other, to wear bikinis and to dance by the villa's pool. Which comes a pretty close second.

The women had all responded to an ad seeking contestants for a reality show which would be aired on a major Turkish television station. Then the guys behind the sham were brazen enough to interview the applicants in order to choose their final nine. To keep them in the house, they were forced to sign a contract saying they had to stump up a cool $30,000 (£18,800) if they left in the first two months.

A gang of four people who were living in the villa, presumably supervising the whole thing, were arrested but released on custody. The gang's leader, who sold images of the women on the internet, is still unaccounted for.

So, uh, be careful next time you apply to be on a reality show. [via The Guardian; Image: Katie Tegtmeyer]