Turn Your Smartphone Into a Microscope Viewfinder

By Sam Gibbs on at

Staring down a microscope is an expensive, tedious, neck and back wrenching affair. So, I'm all for anything that makes it easier and cheaper. This smartphone adapter allows you to quickly use your phone as a viewfinder for any microscope.

It attaches to one of the microscope's eyepieces using a rubber seal to block out light. The plastic frame then holds your smartphone in place over the eyepiece, allowing it to capture images down the microscope. Considering using a proper camera and display with a microscope is both expensive and not always possible with older equipment; something that's simple, easy to attach and allows you to use existing hardware is a great idea. Currently its on Kickstarter with a target of $15,000 or around £9,600, so let's hope it gets funded and actually put into production. [SkyLight via Ubergizmo]