TwelveSouth's PlugBug Elegantly Charges Two Apple Devices With One Outlet

By Adrian Covert on at

For those who travel alot, they know the less things you have to keep track of, the better. Herein lies the genius of TwelveSouth's PlugBug: it clips onto your MacBook charger and adds a USB port for powering a second device.

In the scheme of things, this may not be entirely more compact than just carrying an iPhone/iPad/smartphone charger around, but attached to your MacBook charger, its one less thing you can potentially lose. And seriously, who doesn't like things that combine like Voltron? The PlugBug will cost $35 in the US, which converts to around £22 -- while the Plugbug isn't on sale in the UK yet, Apple's store and Amazon UK are among the retailers for TwelveSouth here. [TwelveSouth]