Uberhood Bike Umbrella Protects You From Rain, Sun and Unobstructed Visibility

By Andrew Liszewski on at

There's a good reason this is probably the first bike mounted hands-free umbrella you've ever seen. Previous attempts to bring such a product to fruition fizzled out once their creators realised what a terrible idea it would be. But not the makers of the Uberhood.

It's a streamlined, aerodynamic umbrella designed to repel rain while cutting through the winds during a storm. And a literal silver lining on its underside reflects the sun's rays when there's nary a cloud in the sky, protecting you from burns. There's certainly good intentions here, but the long folding arm that connects the Uberhood to your bike's handlebars sits right in front of the rider's face, continuously obstructing their view. And watching it bounce around on the leisurely rides showcased in this promo video doesn't give me much confidence it has a chance of surviving a storm without pulling you in all directions, or flipping inside out.

It does fold down when not in use, but not completely out of the way, sticking up from your handlebars like an awkward hood ornament. So, unsurprisingly, we're hesitant to recommend this 50-quid ($80) contraption that somehow makes riding in the rain seem even more dangerous with this deployed. Instead, go for this all encompassing umbrella rainsuit, which vastly improves your chances of actually staying dry. [Uberhood via Bike Snob NYC]