Uh-Oh: Google Is Removing Its Gmail App For BlackBerry

By Kat Hannaford on at

It just isn't BlackBerry's year. The latest 'nail in the coffin' came today, with Google announcing it will pull the Gmail app from BlackBerry, so they can focus "efforts on building a great Gmail experience in the mobile browser" instead. BlackBerry browser? Great? Uh...Google? What are you playing at?

While it's true that BlackBerry's native email system is one of the best around, there were always a few problems when pushing Gmail through the BlackBerry's email app, as spelled out here. Nonetheless, choice is a fine thing, as is that recognisable Gmail icon sitting on your toolbar.

From the 22nd of November the Gmail app will cease to exist in the BlackBerry World for new downloaders, but if you've already got it, then don't expect to wake up and find it gone one day. Google just won't be investing any time or money into supporting it, is all.

What Google plans to do with its webmail version of Gmail remains to be seen, but this can definitely be construed as Google wanting to move hardcore Gmail users over to the Android platform. Perhaps that's what they were doing last week when they released the buggy iOS Gmail app? Hmm. [Google Support via ZDNet]

Image Credit: Crackberry