UK Military Renting Radio Spectrum Until Sale In 2015

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Ministry of Defence is offering up a bit of radio spectrum for rent around the 3500MHz mark. Only one problem: it's up for sale in 2015, so anyone taking advantage will have to clear out by then for the new owners.

It's opening up 3500 to 3580MHz and 3340 to 3410MHz, as long as it's not around the site of the Olympics. The move is meant to be a stop-gap before 2015, when the bands will be totally clear and available for national licensing. The MoD has been asked to cough up for its spectrum allowance, which is pretty hefty it has to be said, and has forced this move and the auction to 2015.

Problem is that until you can get a national licence, it's not going to be much good to anyone except for localised small tests. With Everything Everywhere already testing 4G, and others looking to soon, maybe these bands could be used to quickly test technology -- even if they don't end up using the spectrum in the end. Still, if you're looking to conduct your own crazy wireless experiments, the MoD will be more than happy to rent you a bit of spectrum. Just don't mention rockets, bombs or UAVs to them, OK? [MoD via The Register]

Image credit: TebNad/Shutterstock