Virgin Media Now Offering 100Mbps to Third of UK With 1.5Gbps 'Possible'

By Sam Gibbs on at

Virgin Media's 100Mbps service is now available to 'over 20 million people' or one third of the UK, with half the UK scheduled for mid-2012. It's also been testing 1.5Gbps and is ready for the higher speeds when needed.

This follows on from the announcement that BT is pushing ahead of schedule for its BT Infinity fibre network roll out, which currently tops out at 40Mbps. Of course just being available doesn't mean all those people actually get 100Mbit broadband, but it's positive news. Virgin hopes to have half of the UK covered by its 100Mbit service by the middle of next year, with 1.5Gbps proven possible and ready for when 'customers want more'. I want more right now; if Virgin can give me gigabit broadband, point me to the sign-up page. Still, 100Mbps is pretty fast when it comes to the national average. Let's just hope it isn't quite as asymmetric as it has been in the past. Uploading stuff to the cloud at 0.5Mbps is pretty tedious. [Virgin]

Image credit: VikaSuh/Shutterstock