Watch a Woman See Her House Getting Robbed Live Via Webcam

By Kyle Wagner on at

When someone has a constant live webcam feed set up in their home, it's usually a good bet that it's for something super pervy or really, really paranoid. But then there's that one-in-a-big-number chance that it's actually useful, like when this lady perchanced upon some dudes robbing her house and called the emergency number.

Happily, the police were able to surround the house and catch the idiots before they made off with anything. The woman is understandably shaken by the whole thing—it must be totally surreal to see your house being picked clean while you're totally helpless. Still, it's kind of hard to not just stare at her jerk cat and dogs who just sort of let the burglars go about their business. Glad your stuff's okay, lady, but maybe it's time to get some better pets. [Boing Boing]