What Sounds the Most Welsh? .wales or .cymru?

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a bit of tension among Welsh internet activists, with some petitioning for a Welsh .cymru top-level domain, while others prefer the safer option of using .wales so it doesn't confuse outsiders quite so much.

The Welsh government is apparently now favouring the .wales option at the moment, much to the annoyance of action group dotCYM, which would rather the nation adopted the .cmryu TLD so it can have "a domain for Wales in Welsh."

According to dotCYM, Wales' First Minister Carwyn Jones has himself just come out in favour of the less Welsh .wales option, leading campaigners to question his commitment to promoting the Welsh language.

If you have an opinion about the matter, there's an online petition for a more Welsh internet here. [dotCYM via The Register]

Image credit: Visit Wales.