Whisper Systems Pulls Egyptian Encryption After Twitter Buys the Company

By Gary Cutlack on at

Twitter has acquired a company going under the name of Whisper Systems, which provides a way of encrypting mobile calls. As part of the deal, Whisper has pulled support for its existing products, leaving those who use them rather stuck.

Twitter's purchase of Whisper Systems was made official on Monday, causing Whisper to immediately pull its RedPhone secure calling offering. While the Android app is obviously still on the phones of those who downloaded it, Whisper's server, which sets up the encrypted sessions, is no longer online. So nothing works.

One result of this is to cause unhappiness for users in Egypt, where the encrypted service was apparently keenly used by those after a more secure communications channel during the national unrest. [Whisper via The Register]

Image credit: Spartak / Shutterstock