Wikileaks Has Spawned Books, a Film... And Now an Opera?

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Just when you thought there was enough drama surrounding Julian Assange, here comes some more. Because those crazy Australians are planning a freaking Wikileaks opera to celebrate their home-grown hacker-cum-sexual deviant.

The idea was dreamt up by Lyndon Terracini of Opera Australia six months ago. But over the last month -- with Assange's approval -- a small group from the opera company have been running workshops to get the creative ball rolling. Not only that, composer Jonathan Dreyfus has already been asked to write some music for the thing.

Eddie Perfect, who's played Assange in some early trials, told ABC News, "It's got everything that a dramatic musical work needs. It's got heroes and villains. In fact, it's got a hero and villain combined in one."

While the company hasn't yet fully committed to the production, all this suggests that it's only a matter of time before we see a version of the silver-haired activist on-stage and warbling about Wikileaks.

I just can't wait for the sex scenes. [The Guardian]

Image Credit: New Media Days