Wolves Launches Mobile Network For Die-Hard Fans

By Sam Gibbs on at

Wolverhampton Wanderers are launching their own mobile phone network for die-hard Wolves fans. The MVNO, which'll fittingly run on Orange, is giving away free tickets to Wolves Vs. Stoke on the 17th December to SIM-buyers.

You might not realise, I didn't, that Wolves isn't the first football club to launch its own mobile network -- Benfica and Paris Saint-Germain have both done the same. Wolves is breaking ground in the Premiership however, beating the power brand and media connected showcase that is Manchester United to the punch.

Fans who buy into the Wolves branding get 5p calls and texts to over Wolves PAYG users, and 'great low cost calls, text and data' so maybe there's something to be said for the MVNO. Now, what about an unlimited data bolt-on? Can I port my number? When are you launching 4G? Come on Wolves, get with the program. [Wolves, Wolves Mobile, Express and Star via TechRadar]