Woman Saved In Car Crash By Chicken Fillet Bra Padding

By Sam Gibbs on at

In a tale that'll bring a tear to your eye -- a 28-year old Scottish woman was saved from certain death by her chicken fillets, after a head-on collision with another car during a driving rainstorm in Kirkintilloch, just outside Glasgow.

Lisa Somerville, dissatisfied with her AAA figure, routinely doubled up her chicken fillets, or bra padding for those who aren't up with women's vernacular. The two chunks of silicone within each bra took the brunt of the impact reducing the force on her ribs. This meant that although she suffered a punctured lung, broken nose and cracked ribs, the silicone had prevented her ribs being driven through her heart.

"I hated my chicken fillets and feared they’d fall out at the most embarrassing moment. But that night, for the first time in my life, I was grateful for them." Said Ms Somerville.

A heart-warming tale I'm sure you'd agree. Of course Lisa celebrated her survival with a £4,000 boob-job, as you do. Perhaps it's time men started wearing padded bras while driving, just in case -- carrying your own personal airbags obviously makes a difference. [The Metro]