Xbound Brings Wireless HDMI Mirroring to Android

By Sam Gibbs on at

Android users envious of iOS's AirPlay can get their own wireless HDMI mirroring, thanks to a little dongle that plugs into any HDMI-port. It connects to your Android device over Wi-Fi and is fast enough for real-time mirroring.

The 8-minute demo video from Droidcon shows off the tech playing video, games and scaling well. It looks pretty impressive, working more or less in the same was as AirPlay does. The dongles will be available for around the £85 mark when released -- a tad expensive if all you want to do is just show video on a larger screen, especially when you can cable some Android phones for free. Would you fancy laying down 85-quid for wireless mirroring? [YouTube via SlashGear]