Yamaha PDX-11 iPod Dock: Speaker Big. Shell Rugged.

By Adrian Covert on at

Yamaha makes some pretty awesome audio equipment, even if it often ranges on the pricey side. So there's reason to be excited for their new PDX-11 iPod dock, especially considering the four-inch woofer, distinctive looks and low low pricetag.

In addition to the woofer, which handles the lows and mids, the two-way speaker also packs a tweeter to handle high notes. And while some may scoff at the single speaker, Yamaha's approach here is nice. Instead of using stereo sound as a marketing gimmick (no iPod dock can really provide the true stereo effect), Yamaha seems intent on making one speaker sound good. As for the design, it may not be exuding design beauty, but the sturdy look of the PDX-11 is wholly decent. A rechargeable battery would have also been nice (instead of eating up AAs), but it's better than no battery at all.

While the UK price hasn't been confirmed for the PDX-11, over in the States it'll cost the equivalent of £65. You can check it out on Yamaha's UK site here: [Yamaha]