Yep, the HP Folio Ultrabook Is Official

By Adrian Covert on at

Although it escaped into the world a bit early, the HP Folio Ultrabook is now a publicly-acknowledged child of HP as a machine designed for the business crowd, but cool enough for the average consumer.

The 13-inch, 1.49kg machine is nice and slim at 0.7-inches thick, though its not the slimmest (but we're talking fractions of an inch here, who's counting?!. It has a battery that will last over nine hours, and a 128 GB SSD Drive all powered by a Core i3 or Core i5 processor. No shockers there.

An aluminum outer shell and face give the Folio a clean, if reserved, design that feels solidly built. Much more so than say, Asus' Ultrabook. And while it does indeed have 4 gigabytes of RAM, we don't yet have official confirmation on whether or not that is expandable to 8 gigabytes. [HP]