Zeebox for iPad -- Social TV App For "Dual Screening" Media Darlings

By Gary Cutlack on at

Zeebox is a new app that's just launched for iPad, which wants to become "the new way to watch television". And it doesn't mean "disinterestedly, while on Twitter, not really paying attention to it."

Zeebox has been created in part by Anthony Rose, who was one of the brains behind the BBC's world-conquering iPlayer streaming tool. It's basically a mixture of TV guide and social network, designed to sit there, on your lap, giving you a way to hilariously wisecrack your way through episode after episode of tedious mainstream entertainment.

There's an automated, built-in search tool the maker calls zeetags, which takes keywords from the listing of the show you're watching and performs little searches, giving you a ready-made list of other things to watch, read and look at during the adverts or any particularly boring emotional sequences or plot exposition.

And, of course, it's integrated with Facebook and Twitter, for maximum spam throughput, plus it can be used as a Wi-Fi remote for most brands of internet telly.

Currently Zeebox is only available for iPad, but will launch soon on iPhone and for all desktop/laptop users. [Zeebox via Techradar]