49p Film Rentals now Available Through HTC Watch

By Gary Cutlack on at

If your mobile of choice is something new and big from HTC, you should have the company's HTC Watch film app pre-loaded. And if so, there are a few discounted movies available to rent and watch for only 49p.

The list of titles included in the promotion is, as you might expect, a bit on the duff side. Green Lantern, The Hangover Part 2, Another Cinderella Story and Horrible Bosses are a few of the delights that await the budget film connoisseur, in this modern equivalent of a "Straight to DVD" section.

Might be worth queuing a few up to help survive Christmas, though. Even The Hangover Part 2 has to contain more laughs than EastEnders.

If you're wondering if you have access to the app, HTC Watch first appeared on HTC's Flyer tablet, and has since popped up in the HTC Sensation, the XL and XE updates and the company's Titan and Radar Windows phones. [HTC via Recombu]