7digital Announces Windows Phone Support, App Due in 2012

By Gary Cutlack on at

Popular UK-based music shopping service 7digital revealed some of its future plans last night, which include the launch of a fully featured Windows Phone app early in 2012.

The app will use a two-speed file format system, serving you a lower quality version if buying through the mobile network, with the option to replace that with a higher spec 320kbps file when your phone next connects to Wi-Fi.

There will of course be in-app purchasing options so you're able to buy your music on the go, plus short, 30-90 second track previews of all songs will be available, should you be in the crazy habit of buying music you don't already know. All of which sounds very similar to 7digital's excellent existing Android phone and tablet app (which is where the above image comes from).

7digital also announced plans for an expansion into the US, with an office opening up out there next January. [Techradar]