A Better Way to Spend Wads of Cash on the 12 Days of Christmas

By Mario Aguilar on at

Every year, PNC calculates the Christmas Price Index—how much it would cost to actually purchase the cascade of of gifts the hapless sap in The 12 Days of Christmas gives to his true love. This year's tally: more than £65k on the 364 gifts. Seriously dude? Here's a much better plan of a attack.

So let me get this straight: You're a rich guy so you're going to spend £65,000 in 12 days on useless crap like lords a' leaping. I get that she's your true love or whatever, but can you really justify dropping five grand on two days of 11 piping pipers? Do you know how big a TV you can get for £3,000? And how loud that many pipers can be?

Forget it, man—any girl who's that into swans is more trouble than she's worth. Instead, stock up over 12 days with this righteous gear that fits in the same budget. We even had some cash to spare for M&S snick-snacky-snoos. [PNC via WaPo]