Androidland Opens as World's First Android Store in Australia

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple's got the Apple Store, Microsoft has a couple of Microsoft Stores dotted around and now Google's partnered with Telstra to open its first Android store: Androidland. The shop operates as a store within a store, situated in Melbourne, Australia. Maybe it's time to get your Android loving-butt on a plane?

The store allows fanboys and average punters alike, to rummage through the latest and greatest collection of Android phones and tablets, get Androified, and fly around in a Google Earth-powered flight simulator. There's even a large screen version of Angry Birds for you to play, if you haven't had enough of the rather oversaturated franchise by now. Google Australia's even trained up a load of Android experts, dare I say Geniuses, to help out with buying choices and little green robot related issues too. [Google via TheNextWeb]

Thanks Darrell!