Apple Rolls You Some Freebies With Its iTunes -- 12 Days of Christmas App

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's that time of year again, Christmas is just around the corner and even Apple's getting into the festive spirit with the release of its 12 Days of Christmas app for 2011. Like previous years, Apple'll shovel you some chosen free downloads from the iTunes store through the app, starting on the 26th December and running through till the 6th of January.

The app's universal so you can pull down your freebies on either an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Those without an iDevice, but who still mysteriously using iTunes (why?), can download free stuff via the desktop on the 26th. In past years the gifts have been single TV shows, movies, music videos and tracks, mainly samples for complete sets -- not always the most desirable of gifts, but free's free right? [iTunes]