Archos G9 Tablets to Get Ice Cream Sandwich in Early 2012

By Sam Gibbs on at

When we reviewed the 10.1-inch G9 Android tablet from Archos, we said it was almost there for a 3G-ready cheap tablet. Now the budget tablet maker has let slip that it'll bestow the G9 range with Ice Cream Sandwich within the first third of 2012.

With Ice Cream Sandwich on-board, the £200-ish tablet is looking like an even better buy, so it might be worth keeping an eye on in the post-Christmas sales. There's even a "Turbo" version on the way with a beefed up processor, although it won't do anything about the limited RAM, but hell -- at least you'll be able to actually close applications properly without the aid of a third-party task manager in ICS. [Archos (PDF) via Engadget]