Athelete eBaying Himself for 2012 Olympic Sponsorship

By Gary Cutlack on at

British athlete James Ellington is about to appear on eBay. This isn't the usual case of a disgruntled fan selling him as a joke -- it's James' attempt to raise sponsorship money to fund his appearance at the London 2012 Olympics.

He's already done the hard work. Sprinter James managed to qualify for the Olympics without any form of lottery funding or sponsorship, but now he's after a £15k salary and a further £15k to help cover travel, kit and dietary costs, from a kindly sponsor.

He's also the fastest British 200m runner this year, with a best of 20.52 seconds. If you'd like to hammer out a private deal and save everyone the public embarrassment of an eBay auction, he's put his contact details up on his web site. [James Ellington via BBC]

Image credit: James Ellington