BBC Launches iPlayer for iPhone and Enables 3G Streaming

By Sam Gibbs on at

The BBC has just let loose an update for its iOS iPlayer app that brings it to the iPhone and enables streaming over 3G. It's not just catch-up content either -- the app allows you to watch a live stream of any of the BBC's TV channels or radio stations wherever you've got a solid data connection.

The app update also brings with it background listening for radio stations and a better streaming experience thanks to improvements to the system being used; it should help keep your video from stuttering on dodgy connections.

At last we've got the iPlayer on the iPhone, and it works great just like it does on the iPad, including streaming over AirPlay. When streaming on 3G the quality of the video is automatically reduced, and in reality it does come across looking a bit crap as you can see below. But as soon as you switch back to Wi-Fi everything looks miles better. So, 3G streaming'll be great in a pinch, but I can't see myself suffering the blocky, blurred image for too long -- if that doesn't scream "I need 4G now!" I don't know what does. [iTunes]