BBC's Strictly Come Dancing 3D Broadcast Will Appear on iPlayer

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC is carrying out another tech test of its 3D broadcasting abilities, only this time it's also sticking the end results up on iPlayer -- so owners of internet connected 3D TVs can enjoy the footage as well.

The bad news is the broadcaster has chosen mainstream entertainment fodder Strictly Come Dancing as the first iPlayer 3D test, with the final of the celebrity-based event, on Sunday December 17th, the next 3D test showing.

As well as appearing on iPlayer, the test will also be broadcast in 3D through the BBC's HD Freesat and Sky satellite channels, on Freeview and for those who use Virgin media -- plus the BBC's arranging for it to be shown in a select few 3D cinemas, too.

3D nerds might be tempted to watch the iPlayer version not only by the chance to see Holly Valance in 3D, but also because the BBC's trialling a new format -- 720p resolution at 50 frames a second. [BBC]