BT Investing £2.5bn on Bringing Fibre to 34 Scottish Exchanges

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT has announced plans to hook more Scottish home and businesses up to its next-gen fibre network, eventually allowing another 277,000 homes to connect to faster fibre-based products.

As with elsewhere in the UK, the money will be spent on a combination of fibre to the home and slower fibre to the cabinet options, but even the lesser of the two ought to result in download speeds approaching 100Mbps.

34 new exchanges are now down on the update list, although don't get your hopes up too much if you're in a rural "not spot" -- suburban exchanges in well populated places like Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow are unsurprisingly among the names that feature in the next upgrade phase. [BBC]

Image credit: Ethernet cables from Shutterstock