Carrier IQ Could Breach the UK's Data Protection Act

By Gary Cutlack on at

The fuss over Carrier IQ and its vast potential for misuse has hit the UK, with the Information Commissioner’s Office drawn into the debate over the currently controversial mobile phone logging software.

The ICO said: "Being open and up-front with customers about how their personal data is being used is fundamental to maintaining their trust" and went on to hint that the sort of user input tracking offered by Carrier IQ could be in breach of the UK's Data Protection Act.

The ICO is in the process of contacting the mobile manufacturers, asking if Carrier IQ is indeed on our phones and, if so, what steps are in place to ensure our data and actions remain private.The UK networks have already said it isn't to the best of their knowledge.

Meanwhile, in Germany, the Bavarian State Office for Data Protection is asking Apple if Carrier IQ is in its iOS devices. [PC World via VentureBeat]