Channel 5 Launching Five New Freesat Channels Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you get your telly through the free part of the satellite spectrum, there'll be a bit more content on offer when you get home today -- thanks to five new channels from Channel 5 joining the Freesat listings.

Well, we say five. Channel 5 is adding its 5USA and 5* channels to the Freesat EPG, plus another three catch-up channels will also arrive today for users of the free-to-air satellite TV system -- Channel 5 +1, 5USA +1 and 5* +1.

They'll take up the 128-132 channel number slots on the EPG, so paging up to More4 for the Come Dine With Me repeats is going to take a bit longer. [Join Freesat]